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FRANKFURT (Apr. 15, 2019) — On April 15th, Spacecrew Entertainment® announced their debut title »Star Waves« via Facebook.

»Star Waves« is a tabletop card game for 2-3 players, that sends you on a nerve-testing journey through space, which requires basic resource management, strategy and dice luck. A whooping 208 cards filled with action-packed events are waiting to be explored!

Game Mechanics
Each game starts by players selecting a Quest Card to set the difficulty and required time. Each player gains their Starting Resources—Fuel, which is used when discovering Locations; and Credits, which pay the costs for playing Action Cards.
Players discover a new Location every turn. Then, a dice roll determines whether they find great treasure—or total disaster. It is never certain what your next move holds in store for you and how it will play out.

At the beginning of a players turn, they draw an Action Card. Action Cards can influence events of the game, negate bad outcomes or give you better control over random outcomes. Play them to sabotage your opponents, or accelerate your own progress.

The game is won by completing all Quests on your chosen Quest Card.

The game launches on Kickstarter today with a campaign duration of 30 days and a campaign goal of 7,000€ (approx. $7,912).
The Core Game can be purchased as a standalone at 18€ containing 138 cards & 1 dice.
The Wave Edition (priced at 30€) features the Core Game and the Season One Expansion, which introduces 70 brand-new cards including starting resources for a third player.
Additionally, the Wave Edition also features an exclusive poster (A2 size).


Official Trailer

Official Game Teaser

Game Images
Download game-related images via the button below:
(5.2mb, via uploadfiles.io)

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